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Teambuilding Skills to Look For that Can Improve Team Performance

Henry Ford said, "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."'

Teamwork requires people with different personalities, approaches, and strengths to work together to find solutions or achieve collective goals. When building an effective team, employers should look for team members that actively engage others in conversation, are willing to connect with coworkers, and share information. Team players are committed to the team, understand their role, embrace collaboration, are strategic and flexible, have a positive attitude, and hold themselves accountable.

Interview Questions to Identify Team Players

Find out if the candidate has experience working with teams. Past behavior can help estimate a candidate’s future performance. For example, asking a candidate to share an instance where their team faced an unexpected challenge or deadline can provide explain how they performed as a team under pressure. When describing a team challenge or accomplishment, do they use the term “we” or “I”? Ask if they disagreed with a manager or colleague and how they dealt with it. Invite the candidate to talk about their former teams and colleagues. Find out if they have long-lasting relationships with former team members and if they keep in touch.


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