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Streamline Hiring Process to Get Top Talent

Nothing is more frustrating than enduring a lengthy recruitment process and not getting the best candidate. Time is of the essence. A delayed hiring process in a competitive marketplace may mean losing out on your top pick.

Top talent is in high demand. They are most likely happily employed, expect and receive job offers quickly, or may opt-out of a lengthy hiring process. Streamlining the hiring process will increase quality of hire and result in finding and hiring the best candidate for the job who fits your company's values and culture.

Tips to Streamline the Hiring Process

Prepare a detailed description of the roles and responsibilities for the job and include a list of "must-have" requirements.

Confer with your recruiter to determine a salary range and expected benefits to attract top talent that can fill the role and responsibilities of the position.

Get input and preapproval from company leadership and stakeholders for the new hire. Make sure they have a clear picture of the need for the new hire and a range for the salary and benefits package, including moving expenses, to be offered. The inflation rate in the U.S. is currently more than 8.5% which has a direct impact on the value of employee compensation packages. As inflation continues to surge, compensation packages offered need to exceed the inflation rate by 2% or more to attract top talent.

Complicated and confusing job applications, poor interview experiences, lack of communication, including collecting candidate feedback are all items that cause candidate drop-outs.

Look for ways to keep candidates engaged in the hiring process. Keep the communication lines open. Don't let too much time go by without some follow-up communication with top candidates.

As soon as you have a shortlist of qualified candidates, set up the interviews within a short timeframe so candidates can be compared head-to-head and save time.

Prepare interview questions designed to weed out candidates who don't fit the company culture and may not accept a job offer, if extended.

Select your top candidate choice and extend a job offer soon after the interviewing process is completed. Be prepared to put the job offer in writing so the candidate has something concrete to base their decision on whether to accept the job offer.

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