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Interview Preparation: A Strategic Roadmap to Success

Many candidates "think" they're great interviewers and don't need help, but we find they are often ill-prepared. Hiring managers judge candidates by the effort put into the process. We know from experience that the most qualified candidate doesn't always get the job offer. Often candidates who show interest in the position and the company and have commonality with the hiring manager or current team get the offer. Regardless of the job role, our recruiters prepare candidates for every interview.

Strategic Roadmap to Ensure Proper Flow During the Interview

Although many questions get answered organically during the conversation, having an outline or roadmap that groups questions strategically will ensure a proper flow during the interview. Preparing a relevant list of properly worded questions designed to determine if the company and the job are the right fit for them is a crucial part of the interview process. In addition, candidates are encouraged to write down questions or talking points and take them to the interview. Writing your questions down reduces the risk of forgetting which questions to ask.

On many occasions, I am asked, "is it ok if I bring in pre-prepared questions? Will the hiring manager think poorly of me?" The feedback received from hiring managers has been nothing but positive. Clients appreciate candidates who spend time learning about their company and preparing for interviews.

  • Profile questions

  • State of the Union questions

  • Scorecard questions

  • Everything else

Profile questions: The goal of a profile question is to determine what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate. All open positions have a job description, and most of the time, the job description is poorly written or doesn't specify the type of candidate the hiring manager is seeking.

As humans, we have many facets to our personalities. We're all chameleons. Once we understand what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate, we can answer their questions regarding the hiring manager's wants, needs, and desires. The goal is to create commonality with the hiring authority and emphasize your skills related to the position.

Here are some examples:

"Please describe the type of person you feel you need to make a successful hire in this role."

"What type of personality and skills does a candidate need to possess to be successful?"

"What do the day-to-day responsibilities of the role look like?"

State of the Union questions: These questions determine what it will be like to work at the company and what challenges you can expect to face.

Examples include:

"Tell me about the culture of your group?"

"How would others describe your management style?"

"Walk me through the week in the life of the person you are looking to hire."

"What do you like most about working here?"

Scorecard questions: It is shocking how many people complete the interview process, are offered jobs, accept, and yet have no idea about the metrics used to evaluate their position. Understanding an employer's expectations is essential to know before taking a job.

Examples of scorecard questions include:

"What are some of the metrics used to evaluate the success of this position?"

"How will I know if I'm doing a good job?

"What should I hope to have accomplished in the first 12 months to make you feel like I was a strong hire?"

"How often do you conduct performance reviews?"

"Does the position offer future opportunities for professional growth and promotion?"

Everything else: These questions create the opportunity to learn about the onboarding and training process and the benefits provided.


"Will I have the opportunity to shadow coworkers and learn about their roles?"

"Does the company offer continued training for interested employees?"

"Are their opportunities for professional development?"

"Does the company offer health insurance for myself and my family?"

"What kind of coverage is there for dental, vision, and disability insurance?"

Never ask, "What does the job pay"!

Professions, Inc. is a nationwide recruiting firm specializing in the Engineering, Banking, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Packaging industries. If you are looking to hire a highly-skilled team member or are a leader in your industry, we want to connect with you. Call 513-530-0909 or Email Us.

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