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Effective Business Communication: Key to Productivity and Profits

The workforce is becoming more widely dispersed yet more closely connected. A recent study[i] by The Harris Poll on behalf of Grammarly Business revealed organizations are communicating more than ever. For example, knowledge workers[ii] surveyed in 2022 reported a 9% increase in business communications compared to 2021 figures. In addition, three in four workers (72%) said they used asynchronous communications (e.g., email, video conferencing, text messaging, and project management software) more in 2022.

Effective Communication vs. Poor Communication

According to business leaders and knowledge workers surveyed in 2022, the impact of effective communication is noteworthy.

Business Leaders reported these positive effective communication outcomes:

· 72% Increase in Productivity

· 63% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

· 60% Increase in Employee Confidence

Knowledge Workers reported these positive effective communication outcomes:

· 56% Increased Work Satisfaction

· 54% Improved Relationships with Colleagues

· 52% Increased Productivity

Conversely, poor communication results in lost time and revenue. Forty-three (43%) of business leaders[iii] (up from 28% in 2021) surveyed reported interaction without real-time conversation – asynchronous communication – was losing its effectiveness due to decreased productivity and poor communication. As a result, business leaders (19%) told Grammarly they lost business because of poor communication. In addition, nearly 7.5 hours a week—almost an entire business day—were lost due to poor communication.

In addition, the study showed 9 out of 10 business leaders experienced the adverse impact of poor communication in the workplace, with 45% experiencing increased costs, 39% experiencing increased time to resolution or missed deadlines, and 34% experiencing eroded brand or reputation credibility. An estimated $1.2 trillion – that’s $12,500+ per employee – is lost each year among businesses due to poor communications.

Effective Written Communication Essential to Driving Productivity and Performance

Communication with others in the workplace now takes up 72% of the workweek, an increase of 2 hours compared to the 2022 survey. With so much time at stake, improving the quality of written communications is crucial. Effective communication enhances productivity, resolves issues, fuels innovation, and creates better client relationships. In addition, it promotes trust and team member loyalty and can improve teamwork by promoting team loyalty and enhancing team member engagement.[iv]

Communication is an essential soft skill for workers to reach their professional capacity and earning potential. According to Fast Company magazine, job postings cited effective communication as a sought-after skill 35 times more frequently than other soft skills.

Most jobs today require daily communication through email, letters, text messages, or online messaging. Well-written communication that is professional, clear, and concise ensures your message is understood. Business leaders and knowledge workers who clearly and quickly communicate in writing save their time and their colleagues’ time by eliminating the time required for further clarification or to answer questions. Effective written communication is cost-effective. It also builds trust, credibility, and engagement.

How to Avoid Poor Communication

Spend a little time preparing your written message by adapting it to your audience. What you write should be conversational and authentic and persuasive or creative. Remember, business communication is about engaging people to act, so getting and keeping their attention is vital to providing a smooth flow of information and ideas.

7Cs in Communications

· Clear.

· Concise.

· Concrete.

· Correct.

· Coherent.

· Complete.

· Courteous.

Finally, don’t forget to use digital tools, like Grammarly Business, to check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

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[i] The State of Business Communications 2023: The Path to Productivity, Performance, and Profit, Grammarly Business/The Harris Poll (Survey of 1K workers and 251 business leaders conducted in Oct. 2022) [ii] Employees working full-time with 150 employees or more. [iii] Employees working full-time at corporations with 150 employees or more, at a director level or higher, with decision-making authority over business strategy or development, customer experience, budgeting, or hiring. [iv] Top 8 Benefits of Effective Communication in the Workplace, Grammarly Business (Jan. 2022)

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