Our Retained Search Process from Clients to Candidates

Step 1:Needs Analysis, Gaining Understanding of Hiring Objectives

  • Learn the client’s business, industry and culture
  • Determine all of the decision makers involved
  • Develop a profile on the position’s specifications, responsibilities and compensation plan
  • Identify the type of candidate seeking to be hired
  • Establish timelines

Step 2: Develop a Recruiting Plan & Search Execution Strategy 

  • Each recruiting plan & search execution strategy is tailored to meet each client’s needs

Step 3: Contact, Recruit & Screen Prospective Candidates

  • Make initial contact by telephone to evaluate candidate qualifications
  • Educate candidates of interest on the client company, position, location and industry
  • Prepare formal assessments for clients review
  • Client selects candidates to be interviewed with guidance from the Recruiter
  • Execute first round of interviews

Step 4: Interviews

  • Coordinate initial interviews with client
  • Follow-up and debrief client and candidate to facilitate the next course of action
  • Complete reference checks
  • Choose finalists and wrap up interviews
  • Share feedback with each party involved

Step 5: Put The Deal Together

  • Confirm that the candidate wants to take the position
  • Negotiate compensation plan
  • Prepare the candidate for giving notice
  • Deliver offer
  • Establish start date
  • Stay in close contact in order to support both client and candidate

Step 6: Conclude Search & Follow Up

  • Establish a successful coming on board plan
  • Follow up with client to ensure the candidate was what they expected
  • Follow up with candidate to see if the transition was successful
  • Provide appropriate feedback to client and candidate