Our intent is to maintain a long-term partnership with industry leaders who realize the benefit of using a single source for solving all of their organizations’ staffing problems.

Professions, Inc. commits all of its talent and resources toward becoming a partner with our clients to serve their exact needs. We recruit on each individual assignment in order to identify superior candidates who match the clients’ specifications, as opposed to presenting applicants who happen to answer an ad.

Because we are independent, we have the ability to creatively adapt our services to meet the specific needs of each individual client. In other words, we are not restricted by corporate guidelines or franchisee regulations. We can design retainer agreements, hourly billing assignments, client-site consulting contracts or any other program that is effective.

Our clients know that we move extremely quickly in filling each position with a proven performer that fits the specifications of the position as well as the corporate culture. They feel confident knowing that…

  • We are their single point of contact for every position around the globe.
  • We represent their company fairly, professionally and ethically.
  • We are capable of filling assignments for any level of their corporation.
  • We recruit per the needs of each individual assignment.
  • In most instances we are successful in recruiting candidates located in the city where the opening exists. Thus, the expense and challenges of relocating a family are often avoided.
  • We personally interview and screen each potential candidate, only then do we make our recommendations.
  • We remain active throughout the hiring process by helping to negotiate and close the deal.

Q & A’s

What can we expect from working with Professions on a search?

Expect professionalism, integrity and hard work. At Professions we take pride in the results we accomplish on behalf of our clients. We do everything within our power to make our clients feel that they have gotten more than they have bargained for. We not only want our clients to feel good about who they have hired through our efforts, but also in the way the search was carried out.

What else can an Executive Search firm do for my company other than be a resource in identifying talent?

A good search firm not only finds and recruits desirable candidates; a good search firm serves as a tremendous source of information. There much market intelligence we gather while executing our searches and we may relay this information to our clients as long as it is not told to us in extreme confidence. We relay information to our clients allowing them a quicker response time, helping them make or save a lot of money in certain situations.

What is the advantage of using Professions who is a generalist firm as opposed to a firm that specializes in my particular industry?

We work with select companies in a particular industry. Thus our list of hands-off companies is small. This gives us a large recruitment pool of candidates.

Why would I work Retained versus Contingency?

Retained search allows the firm to focus on quality since we are guaranteed payment regardless of whether or not the candidate is hired. It allows us to focus on the process making sure things are done correctly, there by ensuring the best candidate is located and hired. Recruited candidates also realize the importance of whether or not a firm is retained on a particular search. It shows candidates the level of commitment that the search firm and the client have given each other. This increases credibility to potential candidates.

Will the dynamics of the relationship change without a retained commitment?

In hiring multiple firms for one position, you are actually decreasing your chances of securing the best talent available. The candidates we present are often buried in success, and approaching those individuals must be done with care and expertise. We identify career paths, goals and desires, and we work with candidates to find a match.

How are you competitive if you don’t specialize in a particular niche?

We believe that we are even more competitive in being generalists. Specialized recruiting firms work with a handful of companies in their industry. This puts some of the top players out there off limits to those individuals. Our specialty is finding talent – across all divisions and industries.

Why should I work with an Executive Search Firm when I have my own internal resources such as Human Resources and Internal Recruiters?

An executive search firm has the luxury of giving non-biased opinions. We don’t operate under any kind of internal pressure where we feel the need to tell someone what we think they want to hear. Sometimes internal recruiters are too concerned with what their peers may think of them. We don’t have to worry about that. This allows us to focus on what really matters the most; filling your particular hiring need with the best candidate possible. We can concentrate on results.

My company has tried using search firms in the past and hasn’t been successful. Why should I consider Professions?

Professions will set expectations up front so this doesn’t happen. We believe that as long as we are in agreement of how we are going to work together, there isn’t any reason why there shouldn’t be a successful relationship. We know what works and what doesn’t. We have created an extremely successful search process. A lot of firms try to alter their searches to the way the client wants a search to be done. We feel that we are among the best at what we do and only work the way that has made us successful.

Does Professions recruit out of its clients?

Absolutely not! It takes a great deal of effort to develop the level of trust we have built with our clients. We never jeopardize our client relationships. We work diligently to protect our reputation of being a dependable resource for our clients.