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Q & A’s

I received a recruiting call from Professions, even though I’m not looking for a job. Is this a common practice?

Yes! We believe that the most talented professionals are currently successfully employed and not necessarily in the job market. Because of our proactive recruiting efforts, this allows us to generate potential candidates our clients don’t have the time or resources to find on their own.

Can I be assured communications between Professions and myself are kept confidential? 

Yes, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We ask you to keep information we share with you confidential as well.

I’m happy in my current position. Why should I be willing to hear about new career opportunities?

The fact is that there is no better situation to be in being approached about career options. When you are desperately looking or unemployed, you may opt for a position that isn’t right for you long-term. By taking a proactive approach when it comes to your career, you can evaluate opportunities for what they are. It’s wiser to consider a career move because a position attracts you as opposed to running away from a bad situation.

Who does Professions really work for? Your client pays you the fee, perhaps you have their best interest in mind.

Although our clients pay our fee, we represent both the client and the candidates we recruit. Our job is not only to find talent such as yourself; but to also to facilitate the entire hiring process including on-boarding. For us to be successful, we must have the best interest of both parties in mind. If both parties’ interests are not met, we will not be able to conclude a search. We serve as an intermediary-there are wins for all parties involved.

I’ve been looking for positions advertised by Professions on the internet and I’ve had a hard time finding any. Why is this so?

We pride ourselves on finding candidates that our clients otherwise may not have found on their own. Since most corporations advertise their positions online, we feel that we bring them the most value by proactively searching for candidates who fit what they are looking for regardless of whether or not the person is actually looking for a new job.

How do I send you my resume in order for you to keep me in mind for future opportunities that match my skill set?

Easy! Send us an email with your resume attached in word format and we will keep you in our database and contact you when appropriate opportunities arise. If you would like to submit your resume to professions inc. please email it to